Saturday, November 24, 2012

End Game

So we didn't end up passing to the final presentation. To be honest though, I'm totally fine with that. You can probably call this post a pre-post mortem.

I learned a lot on this project about dealing with different team members with different ideas of what is fun. For example, in the beginning of the year all of us had a unique way of thinking that we had to combine together to create a single idea we could all agree on. In fact, we didn't come together until about three weeks into the semester. So lesson learned, these things take time.

Another big challenge we faced was communication. Now, I faced communication issues in groups before, specifically my Production 1 group, but this proved to me that communication issues can exist even if the team is speaking with each other. Our group simply didn't talk about what we were working on even though we met constantly and had the means to talk to each other instantly.

I'm sure you'll be hearing all about the post mortem stuff later, so I won't go into detail here. This experience, however, certainly taught me a lot about groups.

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