Sunday, November 11, 2012

Passing Stage 2

Perhaps the biggest threat to our project is finally behind us, this week we learned that we had passed stage 2 and are no officially prepared to move onto the final presentation. You can bet that the final presentation itself is going to be the major focus for us this next week.

Sadly that means that Thanksgiving break isn't really going to be much of a break for us, I'll be hard at work focusing on the documentation for the Design Bible. There isn't much that can be said for that, unfortunately. I'll be trying to keep the writing simple and consistent so that anyone who would be to join our team can understand the game instantly.

As such, I've organized the table of contents into less than a dozen categories that I feel will cover all the important topics. AJ will be handling the marketing information while I'll write the systems and everything else.

The other thing I plan on doing before the final presentation is working on the presentation level. Since it went over so well in our Stage 2 Presentation, we figured we'd present our entire game to the class through a carefully designed level.

This will work out for us as well, since we can easily alter the levels we make to suit the final version of the game.

There are still some bugs in the game that need to get fixed, so I'll probably have to get on Steve for that.

We're all eager to go forward and are grateful for the short breather we're having before the final presentation.

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