Sunday, February 3, 2013

Track Level

This week, I was ordered to experiment with a track-like level similar to what would be in many standard racing games like Mario Kart. An idea came to me after I recalled a specific level from Mario Kart 64 that stuck with me, Wario Stadium.

The whole level is set in a dirt bike colosseum. It's complete with bumps and long tracks with a slew of items to pick up and allow players to pass each other. The main focus point is the giant ramp that takes place in the middle of the map.

Our new level borrows many of the lessons learnt from Wario Stadium. Unfortunately, I cannot post pictures of it as there is a problem with the terrain.

But one feedback about the new Track Level requested that the map not have any walls to contain the player. So here is the new Track Level, without walls. Giving the player total freedom to explore.

More testing on these levels will be required. We need to decide soon which levels we like the most.

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