Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Triangle Level

For this week, I've been hard at work on the next level for Goldblitz, which hopefully will be our first real level in the game. The idea came to mind with a triangle that's fairly symmetrical, with a lot of power ups that players will get to pick up along the way.

There are three gold nodes (marked with the black circles) in the corners of the triangle. Players start in the middle of the map, giving them an equal chance to get to each gold node in the map. Between each node are the power ups in a fairly straight path. They give players the chance to stock up between the nodes.

The level is also divided into tiers, two nodes are at the highest tier while the last node is at the lowest tier. The middle tier is where the players start and is the largest, offering the most power ups as well as some obstacles for players to smash into.

The level is very large and gives players a lot of room to explore. I took what I learned from the last few levels made about size and power up placement and put them into effect with this level. It's my hope that players in the QA lab this week enjoy this map.

Next week I'll be working on an updated King of the Hill style map with adds another tower and a bridge to connect them.

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