Sunday, March 17, 2013


This week, I've taken a little break from level making (seeing as we've picked the three we wanted) and taken up scriptwriting for the Demo reel in addition to fixing up bugs discovered within the levels through QA.

So far, here's what we have:

Champlain College Logo

Stephen and Dream Boats Logo

Doug: “What do you get when you combine a car with a gold mining gun?” 1.)
Doug: “Goldblitz!” 2.)
Bill: (bored) “Goldblitz...”

Doug: “That’s right folks, it’s Goldblitz! Drive the cars 3.) (pause) and mine the gold from the nodes! 4.)  It’s so easy, a goldfish can do it!” 5.)

Bill: “I’d watch what you say about goldfish, Doug, one of our contestants is one after all. Goldblitz has attracted all sorts of colorful characters to compete for the gold.  6.) We’re going to have a real battle on our hands.” 7.)

Doug: “Right you are, Bill. Thanks to the Gold Standard power ups scattered around the map, 8.) our racers can attack each other with all sorts of amazing weapons.”

Bill: “Players can use everything from spatulas to space cannons to slow down the other racers and get as much gold as possible.” 9.)

Doug: “After five minutes, whoever has the most gold wins!” 10.)

Doug: ”And just look at all those levels they get to play on, don’t they look so much better than the rustic badlands we started with?” 11.)

Bill: “He’s just kidding folks. Goldblitz raceways are safe and friendly environments.” 12.)

After long gameplay video 13.)

Doug: “Goldblitz, go for the gold!”

Bill: “That’s the wrong game, Doug...” 14.)

Video Reference
1.) Black Screen
2.) Goldblitz Logo on Black Screen, bouncing in and out
3.) One car driving right (goldfish car) zoomed out so viewers can’t fully make it out
4.) Same car is mining from a gold node
5.) Zoom in on the car to reveal it as the goldfish (bubbling noise in the background), car still driving around.
6.) Character select screen of players going through the different racers.
7.) Character select screen says “Ready” with characters shouting in the background
8.) Close up on a powerup on the map, camera floating around it
9.) Margaret’s weapon thing
10.) A car with the crown on top of it drives into a group of 3 cars around the gold node and knocks them away with Sonic Boom
11.) Level select screen going through all 4 of the different levels
12.) A car drives through a field of mines and smoke and explodes violently into the air
13.) Video of testers actually playing Goldblitz for a few seconds
14.) Same Goldblitz Logo as 2.)


I'll be working close with our narrative designer, Rob, to make the demo reel perfect. The goal is to describe the game as best as possible so that anyone watching the clip will know exactly what Goldblitz is about.

I'll probably be showing it to people and getting as much feedback as possible. The plan is to start practice filming next week. I look forward to it.

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