Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rendering Billboards/ Cleaning Up Maps

Since the demo reel cannot be filmed until all the final is in (or most of it) I devoted this week to polishing up the levels somewhat, adding new assets and cleaning areas where people get stuck.

One huge assets I looked into was the ability to have the map be filmed in real-time then displayed on the billboards around the map, as opposed to having a bunch of static logos that aren't interesting to look at for a large amount of time.

Right now, there are 2-3 camera placed in each level which offer specific views of each area of the map. Players can take a look at it and even use it to their advantage. Maybe they can see that there is a trap of mines on the other side of the map, or another player is there gathering up all the power ups.

Ultimately, what I would like to do is have the screens zoom in on the players for a more visual effect.

In addition to the rendered billboards, I'd like to polish up some of the menus, specifically the level select, so that they can show off the art of each level. Maybe they can even entertain the players, I was toying with the idea of having the space cannon chasing a car in the background.

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