Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Proto-Demo Reel

Trying saying that title five times fast. What I've been working on this week is, quite simply, is the prototype demo reel which combines the script we've been writing so far and the clips we would like to see in the final presentation.

This is the result:

Goldblitz Prototype Demoreel from Michael Bujtas on Vimeo.

The idea was to combine humor and advertisement to quickly and simply explain the basic gameplay and goal of Goldblitz.

It may seem corny, but it's supposed to. That kind of corniness is endearing and accurately fits with the two hosts of the game, Bill and Doug. I really tried to portray Doug's crazy personality and the fact that Bill needs to keep Doug in line with lines like the "animal preserve" one.

All in all, I feel this is a good example of the direction we wish to go in for the demo reel. With better voice acting and when the final art in, the reel should be perfect.

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